Edery is a Fraud

And so is his fantsy team


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The Mitchell Report

Here is a list of likely players to appear on the Mitchell Report, released this afternoon at 2:

Brady Anderson

Manny Alexander

Rick Ankiel

Jeff Bagwell

Barry Bonds

Aaron Boone

Rafael Bettancourt

Bret Boone

Milton Bradley

David Bell

Dante Bichette

Albert Belle

Paul Byrd

Wil Cordero

Ken Caminiti

Mike Cameron

Ramon Castro

Jose Canseco

Ozzie Canseco

Roger Clemens

Paxton Crawford

Wilson Delgado

Lenny Dykstra

Johnny Damon

Carl Everett

Kyle Farnsworth

Ryan Franklin

Troy Glaus

Rich Garces

Jason Grimsley

Juan Gonzalez

Eric Gagne

Nomar Garciaparra

Jason Giambi

Jeremy Giambi

Jose Guillen

Jay Gibbons

Juan Gonzalez

Clay Hensley

Jerry Hairston

Felix Heredia, Jr.

Darren Holmes

Wally Joyner

Darryl Kile

Matt Lawton

Raul Mondesi

Mark McGwire

Guillermo Mota

Robert Machado

Damian Moss

Abraham Nunez

Trot Nixon

Jose Offerman

Andy Pettitte

Mark Prior

Neifi Perez

Rafael Palmiero

Albert Pujols

Brian Roberts

Juan Rincon

John Rocker

Pudge Rodriguez

Sammy Sosa

Scott Sc hoenweiis

David Segui

Alex Sanchez

Gary Sheffield

Miguel Tejada

Julian Tavarez

Fernando Tatis

Maurice Vaughn

Jason Varitek

Ismael Valdez

Matt Williams

Kerry Wood

Surprises?  I think so.

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The Whitepaper

It works!  Here it is in PDF format.  I thought I could get away with a word document but no such luck.  Here is mine and Mr. Brightman’s report on the future on in-game advertising. 

Thanks to all those who offered their suggestions.


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No Country For Old Men (Spoiler)

So last week I finally saw the movie I’d been hearing about for almost a solid year.  I am a huge Cohen brothers fan and went in expecting A LOT.  I did enjoy the movie…but not as much as I thought I would.  First though, let me begin by saying that Javier Bardem gave one of the BEST villain performances I have ever seen.  If he doesn’t get an Oscar nod for his role, then I may turn on the Academy like I did the BCS committee.  If you can think of a scarier villain in any movie, I’d like to hear your suggestions because I sure cannot think of any performance that has made such an impression on me as Mr. Bardem’s. 

I guess two things bug me…and they are mostly my fault.  I did not read enough about the film to know what to expect before going in and I was left asking questions when the movie ended abruptly.  I would have loved to have been able to sit in the theatre a bit longer to let the experience sink in, but my mental state was interrupted by cries of disbelief from the 3 or 4 other patrons in the theatre who had been looking for a NCIS or CSI-type ending.  I have yet to figure out ALL of the symbolism present in the film (I get Chigurh is Death) and I was unable to feel for any of the characters’ struggles.  The movies had some great lines; The ATM dialogue between Chigurh and Woody Harrelson’s character was great, as well as the encounter between Chigurh and the gas station attendant. 

To tell you the truth, I might still recommend Gone Baby Gone for the overall experience.  I’m sure voters will disagree with me, but if they can give the Best Picture nod to Shakespeare in Love OVER Saving Private Ryan, I think I am entitled to a personal choice as well. 

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I know it’s been awhile since my last post, but I was really waiting for something passionate to blog about.  I haven’t seen No Country For Old Men yet and Gone Baby Gone is slowly departing theatres (if you haven’t seen it yet, step to it!) so I was sort of in a transition period.  Thankfully, the BCS standings for college football were released this past week and once again, I find myself full of emotion and eager to vent.  This time though, it’s more frustration than excitement.

Hawaii is 11-0.  They’re perfect.  They haven’t lost a single game they’ve played this season.  And they’re number 12…yes 12 in the country.  This past weekend, Hawaii QB Colt Brennan led the Warriors to a 39-27 victory over (at the time) number 19 Boise State.  And yet, USC, who is 9-2, sits at number 8 and Missouri, at 11-1, sit atop the standings (get this:  Missouri is a 3 point UNDERDOG in their upcoming game against ninth ranked Oklahoma!).  How is this possible?  Why does college football remain the only collegiate sport without a playoff system.  The kicker to all of this is that Hawaii, the undefeated team from the WAC, may not even get a bowl game invite, let alone have a shot to play for the national championship!   To paint an even more absurd picture, this would be like the Jacksonville Jaguars going 16-0, but being told by the NFL that there just wasn’t room in the championship game for a small market team with little following and that the Indianapolis Colts, despite being 12-4, were going to play for the all the marbles.  It’s unreal!

What REALLY grinds my gears is that fact that Colt Brennan, the all time leader in passing touchdowns, is never mentioned as a Heisman candidate.  Everyone seems to love McFadden (who finally showed up against LSU) and Chase Daniel from Missouri but neither of them play for a PERFECT team.  Colt will probably finish with over 4000 passing yards and about a 70% completion rate.  He has also missed 4 games this year due to injury.  But oh yeah, I forgot.  He plays in the WAC so he’s ignored (just as Boise State was last year when they went undefeated but did not play for the national title).  C’mon!  It’s not some I-AA team here.  They’re D-I!

One final note of frustration.  Tim Tebow, QB for Florida, with 7 more rushing TDs than McFadden, is only a sophomore.  Voters hate sophomores.  Glad to see that the award for most outstanding college football player in the country is reserved for the best junior, senior or super senior who doesn’t play in the WAC and is marketable.  Way to just let these kids play.

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The Outline

Outline for the paper to be presented by Trevor Brightman and James McVey, ESQ concerning In Game Advertisement
Part I – Introduction
• Who we are, what we want to achieve.
• Express the problem statement
We feel advertisers are not effectively utilizing the full potential of in- game advertising. There is a large demographic engaged in on-line, networked video games to whom advertisers could reach with real time, streaming advertisement triggered at specific times, relevant to geography, space and time.
• Overview of what to expect in our Presentation.

Part II – Definition and history
• What is In Game Advertising?
• How does it work?
• Before Video games
-Product Placement
-Traditional Forms
• What are the different types that have been used?

Part III – Research and current trends
• Who is the audience?
Demographic info
• How much exposure do they get?
(Demonstrated results)
• How well does it work? (very well)
(Demonstrated results)
-Recall Rates high
Part IV – The Future
• Why other advertising channels are no good.
TV commercials bad – Tivo / DVR (research to support this)
Film product placement bad – non-dynamic, can never change
Magazine, print, physical billboards are expensive and rates change annually
Web – too easy to ignore
• Why In game advertising is good
Audience is actively engaged
Once an infrastructure for streaming new ads in has been established, distribution is very, very cheep.
Network-connected consoles can provide immediate and accurate information regarding exposure time and number of viewers (just like websites do today)
-Playstation Home

• Are there Drawbacks?
o How large an audience can you reach at one time?
o Are there accurate measurements (Nielsen, etc)
• How can in game advertising be better utilized?
New Technology possibilities:
1. Live streaming information (the bottom line, breaking news, or the emergency broadcast system)
2. Interactivity (click here to check out the site, click here to have a reminder text to your cell)
3. All encompassing / cross promotional ad campaigns /brand development (the Toyota Halftime show on TV and the Toyota Halftime show on Xbox)
4. Dynamic (just as websites don’t commit to burn in one advertisement for all time, we feel in game advertising doesn’t need to commit to one advertisement in a given game. Instead of “selling” ad space, we could be “leasing” ad space, that way time sensitive ads can be put strategically into games, and changed on a week to week, day to day, or hour by hour basis.
Part V – Conclusion
• Wrap it up, summary
-In Game advertising is the future
• How to contact us, next steps.
-First Steps.
-Leaders in the field

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See Gone Baby Gone

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